Oslo Airport Gardermoen

About the airport

OSL is Norway's largest airport and the country's main international gateway. OSL is located at Gardermoen, 45 km north of Oslo the capital of Norway. A hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), an operating base for Norwegian Air Shuttle, and a focus city for Widerøe.

OSL connects to 28 domestic and about 115 international destinations. Almost 24.7 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2015, making it the nineteenth-busiest airport in Europe. Read more about OSL at AVINOR.

BBC is installing six ProVision 2, next generation security scanners, at Oslo Airport's new Terminal 2, scheduled to open in April 2017. Terminal 2 will increase the passenger handling capacity of the airport to 28 million travellers a year.

The ProVision 2 from L3 improves aviation threat detection through the advancement of innovative technologies for diverse, complex and demanding security applications. The ProVision 2 offers customers an upgradeable technology platform that can be enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge. Together with BBC's proven track record and operational experience, Oslo Airport Gardermoen has chosen a solid partner to continue delivering a safe, reliable and efficient travel experience to its passengers.

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Bag-tag process is as little as 15 seconds

Experience for yourself how quick the bag-tagging process really should be. In 15 seconds the passenger has tagged their bag and is on the way to the bag drop

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
09:20 W62418 Budapest Wizzair New time 09:35
09:35 SK4719 Milano Malpensa SAS New time 10:20
09:50 SK4713 Roma Fiumicino SAS
09:50 LH859 Frankfurt Lufthansa
09:50 EJU5778 Berlin Tegel EasyJet Europe New time 10:05
09:55 SK4490 Longyearbyen SAS
10:00 DY1102 Berlin Schönefeld Norwegian
10:00 LPA013 Ørland Air Leap
10:00 SK1455 København SAS
10:05 SK4787 Reykjavik SAS
10:05 DY1052 Gdansk Norwegian
10:15 SK257 Bergen SAS
10:20 DY528 Stavanger Norwegian
10:25 SK4412 Tromsø SAS
10:30 SK4516 Molde SAS
10:40 DY748 Trondheim Norwegian
10:40 DY320 Alta Norwegian
10:40 DY608 Bergen Norwegian
10:45 LO482 Warszawa LOT- Polish Airlines
10:45 SK4106 Bodø SAS
10:50 SK6351 Malaga SAS
10:50 DY1876 Milano Malpensa Norwegian
10:55 WF127 Florø Widerøe
11:00 WF800 Leknes Widerøe
11:05 SK823 Amsterdam SAS
11:10 SK837 Paris Charles de Gaulle SAS
11:10 SK4697 Gran Canaria SAS
11:10 SK907 New York Newark SAS
11:20 VY8539 Barcelona Vueling Airlines
11:25 TK1752 Istanbul Turkish Airlines New time 11:40
11:25 SK308 Haugesund SAS
11:35 D85021 Malaga Norwegian Air International
11:40 BA763 London Heathrow British Airways
11:40 DY812 Stockholm Norwegian
11:40 SK4416 Tromsø SAS
11:50 KL1144 Amsterdam KLM
11:50 DY1260 Antalya Norwegian
11:50 LH2453 München Lufthansa
11:50 DY1632 Wien Norwegian
12:00 WF742 Mosjøen Widerøe
12:05 WF720 Sandnessjøen Widerøe
12:15 D85321 Alicante Norwegian Air International
12:20 SK4546 Alta SAS
12:30 AF1775 Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France
12:30 DY1040 Krakow Norwegian
12:35 WF149 Sandane Widerøe
12:40 W61784 Gdansk Wizzair
12:45 OS336 Wien Austrian Airlines
12:50 SK263 Bergen SAS
12:50 DY532 Stavanger Norwegian
12:50 SK868 Stockholm SAS
12:55 SK344 Trondheim SAS
13:00 FR1502 Vilnius Ryanair
13:00 SU2175 Moskva Sheremetyevo Aeroflot
13:05 SK4112 Bodø SAS
13:05 D82805 London Gatwick Norwegian Air International
13:05 LH861 Frankfurt Lufthansa
13:10 SK4418 Tromsø SAS
13:15 SK805 London Heathrow SAS
13:15 DY1072 Riga Norwegian
13:15 AY914 Helsinki Finnair
13:20 DY346 Bodø Norwegian
13:20 DY754 Trondheim Norwegian
13:20 DY612 Bergen Norwegian
13:20 DY364 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian
13:30 SK1320 Ålesund SAS
13:30 SK1469 København SAS
13:40 SK4025 Stavanger SAS
13:40 FI319 Reykjavik Icelandair
13:45 DY376 Tromsø Norwegian
13:45 SK2303 Kristiansund SAS
13:50 DY940 København Norwegian
13:55 WF713 Bodø Widerøe
13:55 WF713 Trondheim Widerøe
13:55 WF713 Brønnøysund Widerøe
13:55 WF764 Mo i Rana Widerøe
13:55 HU770 Beijing Capital Hainan Airlines
14:05 DY994 Billund Norwegian
14:05 DY1574 Varna Norwegian
14:05 DY614 Bergen Norwegian
14:10 KL1146 Amsterdam KLM
14:15 TG955 Bangkok Thai Airways International
14:20 DY1786 Lisboa Norwegian
14:25 SK4607 Manchester SAS
14:30 BT160 Riga Air Baltic
14:30 WF052 Røros Widerøe
14:30 EK160 Dubai Emirates
14:35 WF173 Ørsta/Volda Widerøe
14:35 SK215 Kristiansand SAS
14:40 PC1274 Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Pegasus Airlines
14:45 SK269 Bergen SAS
14:45 DY190 Haugesund Norwegian
14:45 DY334 Bardufoss Norwegian
14:45 SK4422 Tromsø SAS
14:50 DY7201 Bangkok Norwegian
14:50 SK4633 Chania SAS
14:55 SK354 Trondheim SAS
14:55 SK4773 Alanya/Gazipasa SAS
15:00 DY1780 Faro Norwegian
15:00 DY816 Stockholm Norwegian
15:00 DY428 Molde Norwegian
15:05 DY1802 Malaga Norwegian
15:05 SK809 London Heathrow SAS
15:10 DY1126 Hamburg Norwegian
15:10 SK4031 Stavanger SAS
15:10 SK1471 København SAS
15:10 D8310 Helsinki Norwegian Air International
15:20 SK4518 Molde SAS
15:20 SK496 Stockholm SAS
15:25 DY1702 Murcia Norwegian
15:25 FR1397 London Stansted Ryanair
15:30 DY1404 Nice Norwegian
15:35 DY536 Stavanger Norwegian
15:40 WF193 Førde Widerøe
15:40 SK4637 Athen SAS
15:45 SK4116 Bodø SAS
15:45 SK4645 Palermo SAS
15:50 FI323 Reykjavik Icelandair
15:50 DY1502 Praha Norwegian
15:55 DY7083 Los Angeles Norwegian
15:55 SK4094 Harstad/Narvik SAS
15:55 D83226 København Norwegian Air International
16:00 SK882 Stockholm SAS
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
09:35 SK347 Trondheim SAS Arrived 09:19
09:50 SK4012 Stavanger SAS New time 09:50
09:55 DY323 Alta Norwegian New time 09:36
09:55 DY527 Stavanger Norwegian New time 09:42
09:55 SK1464 København SAS New time 09:57
09:55 LO481 Warszawa LOT- Polish Airlines New time 09:55
10:00 SK6352 Malaga SAS New time 09:59
10:05 DY403 Ålesund Norwegian New time 10:00
10:10 DY805 Stockholm Norwegian New time 10:17
10:10 SK305 Haugesund SAS New time 10:25
10:10 WF184 Førde Widerøe New time 10:02
10:15 DY611 Bergen Norwegian New time 10:25
10:15 DY751 Trondheim Norwegian New time 10:04
10:20 SK483 Stockholm SAS New time 10:30
10:20 SK4409 Alta SAS New time 10:10
10:30 DY933 København Norwegian New time 10:24
10:30 TK1751 Istanbul Turkish Airlines New time 10:31
10:40 VY8538 Barcelona Vueling Airlines New time 10:56
10:45 DY1101 Berlin Schönefeld Norwegian New time 10:59
10:45 BA762 London Heathrow British Airways New time 10:47
10:45 SK349 Trondheim SAS
10:55 WF327 Göteborg Widerøe
10:55 D85020 Malaga Norwegian Air International New time 10:57
11:05 LH2452 München Lufthansa New time 11:06
11:05 SK260 Bergen SAS
11:05 KL1143 Amsterdam KLM New time 10:57
11:15 DY7064 Oakland - San Francisco Norwegian New time 12:20
11:25 WF781 Namsos Widerøe
11:25 WF143 Oslo Widerøe
11:25 DY7002 New York/JFK Norwegian New time 11:31
11:35 D85320 Alicante Norwegian Air International New time 11:41
11:40 AF1774 Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France New time 11:31
11:45 SK4107 Bodø SAS New time 12:05
11:45 WF144 Bergen Widerøe
12:00 DY1157 München Norwegian New time 11:55
12:00 SK4744 Brussel SAS
12:00 SK849 Stockholm SAS
12:05 W61783 Gdansk Wizzair
12:05 OS335 Wien Austrian Airlines
12:10 SU2174 Moskva Sheremetyevo Aeroflot New time 11:51
12:10 LH860 Frankfurt Lufthansa
12:15 SK4842 Zürich SAS
12:15 DY1977 Beograd Norwegian
12:20 SK4083 Harstad/Narvik SAS
12:25 D82804 London Gatwick Norwegian Air International
12:25 DY531 Stavanger Norwegian
12:25 DY345 Bodø Norwegian
12:30 EK159 Dubai Emirates New time 11:55
12:30 FI318 Reykjavik Icelandair
12:30 SK4411 Tromsø SAS
12:30 SK822 Amsterdam SAS
12:35 AY913 Helsinki Finnair
12:35 FR1392 London Stansted Ryanair
12:45 SK4519 Molde SAS
12:45 SK4014 Stavanger SAS
12:50 DY365 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian
12:55 DY617 Bergen Norwegian
12:55 DY757 Trondheim Norwegian
12:55 SK1458 København SAS
13:00 DY1495 Paris Charles de Gaulle Norwegian
13:15 SK830 Paris Charles de Gaulle SAS
13:15 QR175 Doha Qatar Airways New time 12:57
13:15 DY1905 Dubrovnik Norwegian
13:15 DY375 Tromsø Norwegian
13:25 DY1403 Nice Norwegian
13:25 DY1991 Split Norwegian
13:25 WF761 Mo i Rana Widerøe
13:25 WF708 Bodø Widerøe
13:30 SK804 London Heathrow SAS Cancelled
13:30 DY1053 Gdansk Norwegian
13:35 SK311 Haugesund SAS
13:35 SK4473 Kirkenes SAS
13:35 KL1145 Amsterdam KLM
13:35 SK817 Düsseldorf SAS
13:45 BT159 Riga Air Baltic
13:45 DY1103 Berlin Schönefeld Norwegian
13:55 DY1867 Pisa Norwegian
14:00 PC1273 Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Pegasus Airlines
14:00 SK4756 Frankfurt SAS
14:05 SK4738 Dubrovnik SAS
14:05 SK4111 Bodø SAS
14:05 WF128 Florø Widerøe
14:10 DY1791 Alicante Norwegian
14:10 DY311 Kirkenes Norwegian
14:15 DY1875 Roma Fiumicino Norwegian New time 14:30
14:20 DY1857 Venezia Norwegian
14:20 DY813 Stockholm Norwegian
14:30 D8347 Budapest Norwegian Air International
14:35 SK495 Stockholm SAS
14:35 SK4419 Tromsø SAS
14:35 SK1456 København SAS
14:40 DY1909 Pristina Norwegian
14:40 DY1993 Split Norwegian
14:40 SK4704 Nice SAS
14:45 SK4016 Stavanger SAS
14:50 SK4686 Barcelona SAS
14:55 LH862 Frankfurt Lufthansa
14:55 SK268 Bergen SAS
15:00 FR1396 London Stansted Ryanair
15:00 WF150 Sandane Widerøe
15:00 FI322 Reykjavik Icelandair
15:05 SK4676 Alicante SAS
15:05 DY1899 Chania Norwegian
15:10 DY535 Stavanger Norwegian
15:10 DY321 Alta Norwegian
15:10 SK361 Trondheim SAS
15:20 SK7394 Rhodos SAS
15:25 D83225 København Norwegian Air International
15:25 SK867 Stockholm SAS
15:25 SK824 Amsterdam SAS
15:25 PK751 Lahore Pakistan International Airline
15:30 DY9047 Zakynthos Norwegian
15:35 SK458 København SAS
15:40 SK4718 Milano Malpensa SAS
15:45 SK4024 Stavanger SAS
15:45 SK1321 Ålesund SAS
15:45 WF743 Mosjøen Widerøe
15:50 SK4908 Olbia SAS
15:50 SK4417 Tromsø SAS
15:55 DY761 Trondheim Norwegian
15:55 SK4824 Pisa SAS
15:55 DY1741 Barcelona Norwegian
15:55 DY625 Bergen Norwegian
15:55 WF721 Sandnessjøen Widerøe
16:00 SK2306 Kristiansund SAS
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