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About the airport

OSL is Norway's largest airport and the country's main international gateway. OSL is located at Gardermoen, 45 km north of Oslo the capital of Norway. A hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), an operating base for Norwegian Air Shuttle, and a focus city for Widerøe.

OSL connects to 28 domestic and about 115 international destinations. Almost 24.7 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2015, making it the nineteenth-busiest airport in Europe. Read more about OSL at AVINOR.

BBC is installing six ProVision 2, next generation security scanners, at Oslo Airport's new Terminal 2, scheduled to open in April 2017. Terminal 2 will increase the passenger handling capacity of the airport to 28 million travellers a year.

The ProVision 2 from L3 improves aviation threat detection through the advancement of innovative technologies for diverse, complex and demanding security applications. The ProVision 2 offers customers an upgradeable technology platform that can be enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge. Together with BBC's proven track record and operational experience, Oslo Airport Gardermoen has chosen a solid partner to continue delivering a safe, reliable and efficient travel experience to its passengers.

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Bag-tag process is as little as 15 seconds

Experience for yourself how quick the bag-tagging process really should be. In 15 seconds the passenger has tagged their bag and is on the way to the bag drop

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
19:25 DY1504 Praha Norwegian New time 19:50
19:40 SK370 Trondheim SAS New time 20:10
19:40 SK287 Bergen SAS New time 19:45
19:40 LO484 Warszawa LOT- Polish Airlines New time 19:50
19:45 ET715 Addis Abeba Ethiopian Airlines
19:45 ET715 Stockholm Ethiopian Airlines
19:45 DY386 Tromsø Norwegian New time 20:10
19:45 SK8950 Stockholm SAS
19:50 SK4528 Molde SAS
19:50 SK223 Kristiansand SAS
19:55 D8317 Helsinki Norwegian Air International
19:55 LO8138 Tallinn LOT- Polish Airlines
19:55 SK1927 Århus SAS
19:55 SK463 København SAS New time 21:35
20:00 D86623 Palma Mallorca Norwegian Air International
20:00 WF155 Sandane Widerøe
20:00 WF155 Sogndal Widerøe
20:00 D85023 Malaga Norwegian Air International
20:00 D85523 Barcelona Norwegian Air International New time 20:40
20:00 D85323 Alicante Norwegian Air International New time 20:20
20:05 SK4434 Alta SAS
20:05 SK4434 Tromsø SAS
20:05 DY1054 Gdansk Norwegian
20:15 WF128 Florø Widerøe
20:15 SK380 Trondheim SAS
20:15 SK815 London Heathrow SAS
20:15 AY2685 Florø Finnair
20:20 DY770 Trondheim Norwegian
20:20 DY634 Bergen Norwegian
20:25 SK291 Bergen SAS
20:25 SK4098 Harstad/Narvik SAS
20:30 DY542 Stavanger Norwegian
20:45 SK4055 Stavanger SAS
20:50 DY338 Bardufoss Norwegian
20:55 SK1475 København SAS
21:00 DY368 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian
21:00 DY418 Ålesund Norwegian
21:00 DY196 Haugesund Norwegian
21:05 SK2291 Bergen SAS
21:10 DY280 Kristiansand Norwegian
21:25 BA769 London Heathrow British Airways
21:25 SU2539 Moskva Sheremetyevo Aeroflot
21:25 AY5939 London Heathrow Finnair
21:35 SK1488 Stockholm SAS
21:40 DY548 Stavanger Norwegian
21:45 SK382 Trondheim SAS
21:45 SK4126 Bodø SAS
21:45 SK2309 Kristiansund SAS
21:45 SK227 Kristiansand SAS
21:45 DY356 Bodø Norwegian
21:45 SK4051 Stavanger SAS
21:50 SK295 Bergen SAS
21:50 DY436 Molde Norwegian
21:55 SK4438 Tromsø SAS
22:00 DY388 Tromsø Norwegian
22:00 DY638 Bergen Norwegian
22:00 DY776 Trondheim Norwegian
22:00 D83242 København Norwegian Air International
22:15 WF195 Førde Widerøe
22:25 WF181 Ørsta/Volda Widerøe
22:25 AY2681 Ørsta/Volda Finnair
22:30 DY550 Stavanger Norwegian
22:35 FR1395 London Stansted Ryanair
22:45 SK386 Trondheim SAS
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
19:05 DY337 Bardufoss Norwegian New time 19:44
19:10 D85522 Barcelona Norwegian Air International New time 20:00
19:15 SK462 København SAS New time 21:18
19:30 SK4676 Alicante SAS New time 19:50
19:45 AY2684 Florø Finnair New time 19:40
19:45 WF127 Florø Widerøe New time 19:40
19:50 SK493 Stockholm SAS New time 19:46
19:50 SK286 Bergen SAS New time 19:43
19:55 DY773 Trondheim Norwegian New time 19:49
20:10 SK4046 Stavanger SAS New time 20:30
20:15 DY417 Ålesund Norwegian New time 20:05
20:15 SK1470 København SAS New time 20:14
20:20 DY949 København Norwegian New time 20:17
20:20 DY547 Stavanger Norwegian
20:25 SK379 Trondheim SAS New time 20:30
20:25 DY643 Bergen Norwegian New time 19:57
20:30 DY823 Stockholm Norwegian
20:35 SU2538 Moskva Sheremetyevo Aeroflot New time 20:29
20:35 SK4431 Tromsø SAS New time 20:25
20:35 SK2308 Kristiansund SAS
20:35 AY5922 London Heathrow Finnair New time 20:52
20:35 BA768 London Heathrow British Airways New time 20:52
20:40 SK810 London Heathrow SAS New time 20:59
20:45 SK4123 Bodø SAS New time 20:55
20:50 SK4746 Brussel SAS New time 21:31
20:55 SK828 Amsterdam SAS New time 21:22
21:10 SK389 Trondheim SAS New time 21:20
21:15 SK3652 München SAS New time 21:23
21:15 DY279 Kristiansand Norwegian
21:15 LH2456 München Lufthansa New time 21:33
21:15 DY355 Bodø Norwegian
21:20 SK819 Düsseldorf SAS New time 21:26
21:20 DY549 Stavanger Norwegian
21:25 DY777 Trondheim Norwegian
21:25 DY653 Bergen Norwegian
21:30 DY1977 Beograd Norwegian New time 21:43
21:30 D83241 København Norwegian Air International New time 21:36
21:35 DY387 Tromsø Norwegian New time 21:50
21:40 SK4048 Stavanger SAS
21:40 DY1021 Warszawa Norwegian
21:45 SK290 Bergen SAS
21:45 SK836 Paris Charles de Gaulle SAS New time 21:50
21:45 DY1109 Berlin Schönefeld Norwegian New time 21:48
21:45 WF196 Bergen Widerøe
21:50 DY369 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian New time 22:00
21:55 6B610 Gran Canaria TUIfly Nordic New time 21:51
21:55 BLX610 Gran Canaria TUIfly Nordic New time 21:51
22:00 WF163 Bergen Widerøe
22:00 DY327 Alta Norwegian
22:00 SK1472 København SAS
22:05 SK897 Stockholm SAS
22:10 FR1394 London Stansted Ryanair
22:15 SK4127 Bodø SAS
22:15 D82808 London Gatwick Norwegian Air International New time 22:35
22:20 DY1129 Hamburg Norwegian
22:35 KE6443 Amsterdam Korean Airlines
22:35 KL1151 Amsterdam KLM
22:35 SK4479 Kirkenes SAS
22:40 DY539 Stavanger Norwegian
22:40 WF166 Bergen Widerøe
22:40 IB7632 London Heathrow Iberia
22:40 BA770 London Heathrow British Airways
22:40 SK812 London Heathrow SAS
22:50 OS331 Wien Austrian Airlines
22:50 SN2287 Brussel Brussels Airlines
22:55 SK3644 Frankfurt SAS
22:55 LH864 Frankfurt Lufthansa
22:55 SK4437 Tromsø SAS
23:00 AF1274 Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France
23:15 DY9033 Gran Canaria Norwegian Cancelled
23:20 DY1259 Amsterdam Norwegian
23:30 DY1055 Gdansk Norwegian
23:30 DY1499 Paris Charles de Gaulle Norwegian
23:35 DY1407 Nice Norwegian
23:35 DY1349 Manchester Norwegian
23:55 SK4686 Barcelona SAS
23:55 DY1505 Praha Norwegian
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