Stavanger Airport Sola

About the airport

Stavanger Airport, Sola (SVG) is an international airport serving Stavanger, a city and municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The airport is located 11 km southwest of Stavanger. It is Norway's third-busiest airport, with both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter traffic for the offshore North Sea oil installations. In addition, the Royal Norwegian Air Force operates Westland Sea King search and rescue helicopters from Sola Air Station. Sola handled about 5 million passengers in 2015.

Sola started to use self service bagdrop units already in 2008 as one of the first airports in Norway. With the latest addition Sola now has 20, state of the art, self service bagdrop positions to offer its passengers. The self service bagdrop solution at Sola is unique since it has an integrated empty tote system. Passengers travelling with rucksacks and similar can automatically get an empty tote for their baggage.

• Initial setup (2008): 17 positions (8 self-service, 9 manual)
• Mobile service unit: Proactive floor walkers
• Expansion (2016): Increased to a total of 29 check-in counters through adding 12 self-service positions (29 positions where 20 positions self-service)

Result: ASQ improvements (top 5), flexibility to handle passenger growth up to 6-7 million passengers. Tagomat pilot – introduced the airport for new thinking regarding passenger process

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Bag-tag process is as little as 15 seconds

Experience for yourself how quick the bag-tagging process really should be. In 15 seconds the passenger has tagged their bag and is on the way to the bag drop

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
06:55 DY523 Oslo Norwegian
06:55 DY1036 Krakow Norwegian
07:10 SK4006 Oslo SAS
07:40 DY1630 Salzburg Norwegian
08:55 WF540 Bergen Widerøe
09:00 SK4010 Oslo SAS
09:15 W68146 Kaunas Wizzair
09:35 W61222 Katowice Wizzair
09:50 SK7409 Gran Canaria SAS
09:50 SK1875 København SAS
09:55 KL1198 Amsterdam KLM
10:00 SK4022 Oslo SAS
10:15 DY529 Oslo Norwegian
11:00 SK4016 Oslo SAS
11:35 DY531 Oslo Norwegian
11:55 KL1200 Amsterdam KLM New time 12:40
12:00 SK4164 Trondheim SAS
12:00 SK4164 Bergen SAS
12:30 DY9322 Gran Canaria Norwegian
12:35 DY1836 Gran Canaria Norwegian
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
08:25 WF541 Bergen Widerøe
08:45 W61747 Gdansk Wizzair
09:00 W61221 Katowice Wizzair
09:10 DY524 Oslo Norwegian
09:20 SK1870 København SAS
09:25 KL1197 Amsterdam KLM
09:50 DY526 Oslo Norwegian
10:35 SK4017 Oslo SAS
11:10 DY532 Oslo Norwegian
11:10 KL1199 Amsterdam KLM
11:25 SK4023 Oslo SAS
11:40 DY1037 Krakow Norwegian
12:45 DY1631 Salzburg Norwegian
12:55 SK4025 Oslo SAS
13:00 WF545 Bergen Widerøe
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