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About the airport

Trondheim airport is situated north of Trondheim City which is the third largest city in Norway.  In 2014 approximately 5 million passengers travelled through Trondheim Airport making it the fourth largest airport in Norway.

Trondheim Airport is one of 46 airports owned and operated by Avinor. The Avinor airports have approximately 56 million passengers per year.

The project
During 2012 and 2013 Trondheim airport renovated the baggage handling system and totally refurbished the check-in area.

The old check-in area consisted of 12 check-in desks where 3 were equipped with the first generation SBD I solution and two were replaced by SBD generation III, all delivered by BBC.

The new check-in area consists of 14 SBD generation IIIB positions and 6 manual check-in positions.  The SBD units are prepared for dual operation (both manned and self-service bag-drop positions) using the application BASIS_Key™ supplied by BBC.

Weather today


Bag-tag process is as little as 15 seconds

Experience for yourself how quick the bag-tagging process really should be. In 15 seconds the passenger has tagged their bag and is on the way to the bag drop

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
14:00 SK359 Oslo SAS
14:20 SK4163 Stavanger SAS
14:20 SK4163 Bergen SAS
14:45 WF773 Bodø Widerøe
14:45 WF773 Mo i Rana Widerøe
14:45 WF555 Trondheim Widerøe
14:45 WF555 Ålesund Widerøe
14:45 WF555 Kristiansund Widerøe
14:45 SK361 Oslo SAS
15:00 DY761 Oslo Norwegian
15:25 SK4483 Stavanger SAS
15:25 WF713 Bodø Widerøe
15:25 WF713 Brønnøysund Widerøe
15:40 WF751 Mosjøen Widerøe
15:55 WF485 Sandefjord Widerøe
16:00 SK371 Oslo SAS
16:10 D82833 London Gatwick Norwegian Air International
16:20 DY763 Oslo Norwegian
16:25 SK4175 Stavanger SAS
16:25 SK4175 Bergen SAS
17:00 SK375 Oslo SAS
17:10 WF605 Kristiansand Widerøe
17:10 SK4572 Tromsø SAS
17:10 SK4572 Bodø SAS
17:10 WF784 Namsos Widerøe
17:15 KL1176 Amsterdam KLM
17:35 WF796 Rørvik Widerøe
17:40 DY769 Oslo Norwegian
17:40 SK373 Oslo SAS
17:40 WF666 Harstad/Narvik Widerøe
17:45 SK2474 Stockholm SAS
17:50 SK4485 Stavanger SAS
18:20 DY771 Oslo Norwegian
18:20 SK377 Oslo SAS
18:40 WF775 Bodø Widerøe
18:40 WF775 Mo i Rana Widerøe
18:40 DY171 Bergen Norwegian
18:45 WF753 Bodø Widerøe
18:45 WF753 Mosjøen Widerøe
19:00 DY773 Oslo Norwegian
19:05 SK4187 Bergen SAS
19:10 SK4576 Tromsø SAS
19:10 SK4576 Bodø SAS
19:20 SK4193 Bergen SAS
19:20 SK4193 Ålesund SAS
19:30 SK379 Oslo SAS
19:30 WF487 Sandefjord Widerøe
19:45 WF739 Bodø Widerøe
19:45 WF739 Sandnessjøen Widerøe
19:45 WF717 Brønnøysund Widerøe
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
13:25 SK4164 Stavanger SAS New time 13:23
13:35 SK342 Oslo SAS New time 13:34
13:45 MLT692 Bergen Maleth Aero
14:05 WF729 Trondheim Widerøe
14:05 SK2882 København SAS New time 14:03
14:15 DY754 Oslo Norwegian New time 14:35
14:20 SK344 Oslo SAS
15:00 WF712 Brønnøysund Widerøe
15:15 WF750 Bodø Widerøe
15:25 WF484 Sandefjord Widerøe
15:25 DY1079 Riga Norwegian
15:35 SK354 Oslo SAS
15:40 D82832 London Gatwick Norwegian Air International
15:55 SK4577 Tromsø SAS
16:35 SK362 Oslo SAS
16:40 SK4172 Stavanger SAS
16:45 AY947 Helsinki Finnair
16:45 KL1175 Amsterdam KLM
16:50 WF774 Bodø Widerøe
17:10 WF604 Kristiansand Widerøe
17:15 WF555 Trondheim Widerøe
17:15 DY760 Oslo Norwegian
17:15 SK358 Oslo SAS
17:15 SK2473 Stockholm SAS
17:25 SK4482 Stavanger SAS
17:40 WF752 Mosjøen Widerøe
17:55 DY762 Oslo Norwegian
17:55 SK364 Oslo SAS
18:15 DY170 Bergen Norwegian
18:25 SK4146 Bergen SAS
18:25 WF785 Namsos Widerøe
18:35 DY764 Oslo Norwegian
18:40 SK4581 Tromsø SAS
18:40 SK4184 Stavanger SAS
19:05 WF486 Sandefjord Widerøe
19:05 WF716 Bodø Widerøe
19:05 SK366 Oslo SAS
19:05 WF797 Rørvik Widerøe
19:05 WF738 Bodø Widerøe
19:40 SK368 Oslo SAS
19:55 DY768 Oslo Norwegian
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