Congratulations to Avinor Bergen Airport Flesland with a brand-new terminal

Check-in & Security Foto: Photo Credited to the Nordic - Office of Architecture

A unique airport is now a fact in Bergen. BBC congratulate Avinor Bergen Airport Flesland on this day.
By opening this fabulous and brand-new airport Terminal, Bergen Airport Flesland and their passengers will experience a modern, spacious logical terminal with an ample amount of shops and restaurants.
Want to take a closer look at the new terminal ?

Being selected as a partner in this magnificent project makes us in BBC proud and humble. By being able to deliver the crucial and important part in self-service bag drop services and state of the art security equipment for baggage screening we hope passengers and all the wonderful people at Bergen Airport Flesland will experience a swift, precise and pleasant travel experience with confidence that baggage security is maintained.

BBC’s self-service bag-drop at Bergen Airport Flesland is the 4th generation bag-drop from our company, allowing passengers to drop their bag easy and quick, at their own convenience, avoiding queuing, reducing stress, allowing for more time to enjoy the facilities at Bergen Airport.

The MV3D is a state-of-the art baggage security equipment and delivers an unbeatable combination of innovative technology and superior threat detection introducing a new level of baggage security fulfilling tomorrows requirements.