Proven experience

BBC developed the first self-service bag-drop in 2004; we have installed more than 140+ units across Europe. 

Our solutions have a proven track-record with airlines achieving up to 91% self-service usage rate. 

BBC’s delivers the quickest self-service bag-drop on the market giving the passengers a better start on their journey by drastically reducing the time spent on bag drop. Passengers benefit – less time standing in line at the airport, less stress and more time to spend in the post-security shopping area.

  • Intuitive and quick 
  • Average throughput time (SSBD+Tagomat) 28.97 seconds
  • Doubles capacity for baggage handling
  • Flexible operation – self-service or manual
  • Retrofit or complete solution to fit every need


Bag-tag process is as little as 15 seconds

Experience for yourself how quick the bag-tagging process really should be. In 15 seconds the passenger has tagged their bag and is on the way to the bag drop

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