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About BBC

BB Computerteknikk AS (BBC) was founded in 2001 by six employees with substantial experience in logistic systems for industry and airports.

Since the start of the company we have focused on building a company based on competence and know-how and all employees involved in product development have a bachelor or a master degree.

To provide the manufacturing capacity needed for our customers we have established a supply chain with strong partners. This supply chain makes us: Flexible like a small company and scalable like a large one, giving our customers the best of two worlds.

We believe that to be a good partner and supplier we need financial strength and sustainable growth. This includes a high credit rating in combination with a strong ownership. Our main owner, Sayonara AS, is a solid company which emphasize a clear vision and a leadership and culture that proves a high degree of execution.

Rune Thunem

Managing Director
Telephone: +47 932 17 202
Email: rune.thunem@bbc.no

Jon Erik Skau

Sales Director
Telephone: +47 982 18 703
Email: jon-erik.skau@bbc.no



Michail Bikoulis

Telephone: +47 982 18 704
Email: michail.bikoulis@bbc.no

Thomas Ågren

Telephone: +47 986 56 142
Email: thomas.agren@bbc.no

How to get to BBC in Drammen

After exiting the customs clearance at Oslo airport please turn right. If you the walk straight forward, you cannot miss the airport express train terminal. Please follow the link Ticketless Travel on this page you will find information on how to pay. The only thing you need to remember is to select Drammen and not Oslo S. Train depart to Drammen every 20 minutes XX:10, XX:30 and XX:50, the trip takes approximately one hour. Once you arrive in Drammen our offices are on the other side of the river, about 8-10 min walk. See map.

PS! Entrance from Strandveien

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    N-3015 Drammen, Norway
    Tel: +47 92 62 63 10

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