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Bergen Airport Flesland

About the airport

Bergen Airport Flesland is Norway's second busiest airport, located 19km south of Bergen city centre. It is the main airport for the counties of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, which collectively have 600,000 inhabitants. Flesland handled more than 6 million passengers in 2014. Bergen Airport serves more than 49 locations and 37 direct international flights.

The route to Oslo Airport Gardermoen is among the busiest in Europe.

In order to accommodate the growing passenger traffic and make the airport future-ready Avinor is building a new terminal, Terminal 3 (T3). Expected to be completed in 2017 the new terminal will increase the airport's passenger processing capacity to ten million a year.

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
17:45 SK4184 Trondheim SAS
17:50 DY170 Trondheim Norwegian
18:10 DY635 Oslo Norwegian
18:55 SK2869 København SAS
18:55 SK4175 Stavanger SAS
19:15 WF109 Oslo Widerøe
19:45 WF178 Ørsta/Volda Widerøe
19:50 WF593 Kristiansand Widerøe
19:50 WF547 Stavanger Widerøe
19:55 WF458 Ålesund Widerøe
20:00 WF427 Sandefjord Widerøe
20:00 SK284 Oslo SAS
20:10 WF156 Oslo Widerøe
20:10 WF156 Sogndal Widerøe
20:40 W61520 Warszawa Wizzair
21:10 WF576 Kristiansund Widerøe
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
18:20 SK2872 København SAS New time 18:19
18:30 SK4175 Trondheim SAS New time 18:23
18:40 KL1193 Amsterdam KLM
18:50 WF109 Florø Widerøe
19:00 WF175 Oslo Widerøe
19:15 WF627 Tromsø Widerøe New time 19:17
19:20 WF155 Oslo Widerøe
19:20 WF594 Kristiansand Widerøe
19:20 WF546 Stavanger Widerøe
19:20 WF517 Molde Widerøe
19:25 WF424 Sandefjord Widerøe
19:35 SK277 Oslo SAS
20:05 W68143 Kaunas Wizzair
20:15 WF399 Aberdeen Widerøe
21:30 WF542 Stavanger Widerøe
21:30 SK287 Oslo SAS
21:55 WF459 Ålesund Widerøe
23:30 WF577 Kristiansund Widerøe
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