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Oslo Airport Gardermoen

About the airport

OSL is Norway's largest airport and the country's main international gateway. OSL is located at Gardermoen, 45 km north of Oslo the capital of Norway. A hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), an operating base for Norwegian Air Shuttle, and a focus city for Widerøe.

OSL connects to 28 domestic and about 115 international destinations. Almost 24.7 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2015, making it the nineteenth-busiest airport in Europe. Read more about OSL at AVINOR.

BBC is installing six ProVision 2, next generation security scanners, at Oslo Airport's new Terminal 2, scheduled to open in April 2017. Terminal 2 will increase the passenger handling capacity of the airport to 28 million travellers a year.

The ProVision 2 from L3 improves aviation threat detection through the advancement of innovative technologies for diverse, complex and demanding security applications. The ProVision 2 offers customers an upgradeable technology platform that can be enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge. Together with BBC's proven track record and operational experience, Oslo Airport Gardermoen has chosen a solid partner to continue delivering a safe, reliable and efficient travel experience to its passengers.

Departures and arrivals

Time Flight Location Airline Status
17:30 SK488 Stockholm SAS New time 19:15
17:55 SK4094 Harstad/Narvik SAS New time 18:00
18:05 DY364 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian
18:15 SK4122 Bodø SAS
18:15 DY544 Stavanger Norwegian
18:15 LPA115 Ørland Air Leap
18:15 LPA115 Røros Air Leap
18:30 SK1927 Århus SAS
18:30 SK366 Trondheim SAS
18:40 SK277 Bergen SAS New time 18:55
18:40 SK316 Haugesund SAS
18:55 SK1477 København SAS
19:00 LH2455 München Lufthansa
19:05 DY190 Haugesund Norwegian
19:10 DY768 Trondheim Norwegian
19:20 DY350 Bodø Norwegian
19:20 DY276 Kristiansand Norwegian
19:50 BT154 Riga Air Baltic
20:00 SK4124 Bodø SAS
20:05 ET715 Addis Abeba Ethiopian Airlines New time 21:35
20:05 ET715 Stockholm Ethiopian Airlines New time 21:35
20:15 SK4438 Tromsø SAS
20:25 SK4098 Harstad/Narvik SAS
20:30 WF157 Oslo Widerøe
20:30 WF157 Sogndal Widerøe
20:30 WF157 Sandane Widerøe
20:40 SK287 Bergen SAS
20:50 SK4045 Stavanger SAS
20:55 SK1475 København SAS
22:30 WF139 Florø Widerøe
22:30 WF199 Førde Widerøe
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Time Flight Location Airline Status
16:50 SK491 Stockholm SAS New time 18:39
17:55 SK1920 Aalborg SAS Arrived 17:46
18:00 SK4117 Bodø SAS New time 18:18
18:00 SK222 Kristiansand SAS New time 17:51
18:10 LH2454 München Lufthansa New time 17:49
18:15 SK1468 København SAS New time 18:12
18:20 DY545 Stavanger Norwegian New time 18:14
18:25 DY763 Trondheim Norwegian New time 18:08
18:30 DY369 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian New time 18:19
18:35 DY417 Ålesund Norwegian New time 18:30
18:40 KL1151 Amsterdam KLM New time 18:17
18:50 BT153 Riga Air Baltic New time 18:33
19:00 SK4087 Harstad/Narvik SAS New time 18:50
19:05 DY635 Bergen Norwegian
19:05 WF153 Oslo Widerøe
19:10 WF136 Florø Widerøe
19:20 SK4042 Stavanger SAS
19:25 SK4417 Tromsø SAS New time 19:21
19:25 SK1327 Ålesund SAS
19:30 SK2308 Kristiansund SAS
19:30 SK377 Trondheim SAS
19:40 SK396 Bardufoss SAS
20:00 WF196 Førde Widerøe
20:20 WF109 Florø Widerøe
20:25 DY765 Trondheim Norwegian
20:25 SK4545 Alta SAS
20:40 DY547 Stavanger Norwegian
20:50 WF716 Bodø Widerøe
20:50 SK284 Bergen SAS
20:50 SK319 Haugesund SAS
20:50 SK379 Trondheim SAS
21:00 SK4046 Stavanger SAS
21:30 SK4123 Bodø SAS
21:35 SK4479 Kirkenes SAS
21:35 DY1041 Krakow Norwegian
21:35 SK4095 Harstad/Narvik SAS
21:40 DY277 Kristiansand Norwegian
21:40 DY191 Haugesund Norwegian
21:45 DY387 Tromsø Norwegian
21:50 DY769 Trondheim Norwegian
21:55 SK4433 Tromsø SAS
21:55 WF156 Bergen Widerøe
22:10 DY367 Harstad/Narvik Norwegian
22:35 DY311 Kirkenes Norwegian
23:00 DY351 Bodø Norwegian
23:05 DY397 Longyearbyen Norwegian
23:25 WF157 Oslo Widerøe
23:25 LH864 Frankfurt Lufthansa
23:30 DY1499 Paris Charles de Gaulle Norwegian
23:55 DY1803 Malaga Norwegian
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