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March 3rd 2021

20 years ago, we started the company BB Computerteknikk AS (BBC). It has been a fantastic journey and an adventure, says Rune Thunem CEO and one of the founders of BBC. We started the company in a very difficult period for the airline industry, post 9/11. We saw opportunities where others saw problems and risk. The company needed to be innovative and competitive to get through that difficult period and that has strengthened the company and has become part of the company DNA.

In 2004 we saw that self-service was something that would be part of the future for the airline industry and we developed and tested our first self-service bag-drop unit that year. As a pioneer in self-service equipment, we have continuously developed new innovative products for our customers.

20 years after starting our company we find the industry in another difficult period, as we are now in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. As earlier we see opportunities where others see problems and risk. Our continuous innovative and competitive nature has resulted in a complete contactless product line of self-service equipment. To perform commissioning of self-service equipment together with our customers during the time of stringent travel restrictions, we have perfected our remote controlling software MyAirport®.

With our experience from the last two decades, we are confident that the airline industry will get back to a "new normal". Our company DNA, together with our innovative and contactless self-service equipment, will play an important role to help our customers into that "new normal". Maybe, even more important than before the pandemic.

Contact us (Jon Erik Skau or Rune Thunem) and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and demonstrate our solutions on Teams.

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