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Air France KLM passengers testing BBC's fast travel Tagomat solution at London Heathrow

Making travel easier. Already after a few months of operation passengers at London Heathrow Airport traveling with Air France KLM experience a more effective bag-drop process with the use of our Tagomat. 

We are happy that passengers experience the easiness of self-tagging through the Tagomat® and that it contributes to easy and user-friendly travel. The mobility of the Tagomat was recently given another feature when Air France KLM was the first airline in the world with a battery powered Tagomat in full operation.

Air France KLM continuously focus on improving passenger experience by creating the seamless journey. An efficient travel experience from the moment you book your ticket online, drop your bag at the airport, board your plane and finally you reach your selected destination, Air France KLM collaborates with the travel industry to deliver a more seamless passenger experience. In the previous months Air France KLM and BBC has conducted a proof of concept using the Tagomat at London Heathrow Airport to make sure that the bag-drop part of the journey becomes more aligned with today’s demand for more seamless travel solutions.

We at BBC are proud of being chosen to assist Air France KLM on the way towards a more seamless travel experience. Our mission at BBC is to deliver the future travel experience by facilitating self-service solutions that provide the passengers with an intuitive, secure and seamless bag-drop process. The best results are achieved through close collaboration with involved parties in this case airline, airport and passengers.  Focus in the collaboration has been on passenger experience, this includes interface layout and wording to create an intuitive solution for the passenger, testing locations to create the most optimal passenger flow. During the trial Air France KLM has doubled the number of check-ins to support the increasing numbers of passengers using the bag-drop express.

Air France KLM has also beta tested the MyAirport BI-solution turning data into insight about passenger flow.

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