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Interview with Søren Bjerg Head of Security Aalborg Airport

Aalborg is the third largest airport in Denmark, located 6 km from the center of Aalborg. It is an international modern airport with daily domestic and international flights.  The main route, to Copenhagen Kastrup is the largest domestic route in Denmark

PV2 security scannerWhy did Aalborg airport introduce security scanners?

Security at Aalborg airport continuously works to provide the best possible security with the least amount of hassle to its passengers.  Based upon this philosophy the selection of Security scanners compared to ETD was an obvious choice for us. Security scanners provide Aalborg Airport with the best passenger experience and flow. Based upon this decision, we started the selection process   on which type of security scanners to purchase.  “We did not want our passengers to rotate on the floor, so we selected L3 ProVision 2 and started to work with BBC in the spring of 2015.”   

Feedback from passengers and operators

Implementing the ProVision 2 has provided us with more satisfied passengers and staff.  Passengers are no longer subject to manual interaction procedures in the security check-point, a procedure most passengers find intrusive.  Our passengers, who have experienced security scanners that require them to rotate, find the ProVision 2 to be easier, quicker and more customer-friendly.   The working environment for our staff has improved as there is no need to perform hundreds of manual procedures each day, but they can focus on performing targeted searches.  In addition, we have an improved ergonomic situation for our staff as they no longer need to kneel down for manual search procedures.  From our perspective we have achieved a win-win situation. 

 How would Aalborg airport describe the cooperation with BBC?

BBC of Norway has been an important partner for Aalborg Airport in the implementation process of security scanners.  They have been involved throughout the entire process; starting with planning and strategic decisions, to the operative implementation in the security check-point.

BBC has proven to be a very competent partner from management level to the technicians involved in implementation.  If something needs to be changed or added, BBC promptly takes proper action.   For these reasons we do not consider BBC to be merely a supplier to Aalborg airport, but a business partner we have chosen to give our passengers the best service available. 

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